TGIF! Celebrating 900 subs at Espresso House and throwback to Monaco 2012

2015-11-13 09.00.50

Today I’ve hit 900 followers on Instagram, which feels great! I can’t believe that I’ve only had this profile for half a year, and what’s come out of it so far. I never imagined that I’d be writing posts on my own website for fun half a year back, but here I am, and it’s exactly where I want to be right now, which is Espresso House at Steen & Strรธm in Oslo.

Earl Nightingale, who is the author and narrator ofย The Strangest Secretย (recommend you have a listen) says something like “we are where we are, because it is exactly where we want to be”. And that makes me happy. I am glad that I am consciously working towards a predetermined ideal. I won’t be sharing that with you just now, but let’s say my ambitions are quite high.

As this is a special occasion, 900 followers and all, I thought I’d dig in my archives and see if I had any special pictures that I’d like to post. And so I found some shots of a very cool Murcielago I saw in Monaco in 2012.

2015-11-13 08.53.48

It was a really cool moment given that I’ve never seen one before. I knew straight away that this was the car I had to pick for this occasion.

2015-11-13 08.30.55

I know the editing is really crap. I’ve only got PS Express and Lightroom on my phone and haven’t gotten a subscription to PS on my pc yet. My plan is to buy a DSLR soon, and when I get that, I’ll get a subscription to Photoshop on my laptop.

2015-11-13 08.41.59

An awesome fact about this day is that I actually flew in to Monaco on a private helicopter from Nice. I mean, you can’t arrive in to Monaco in more style than that.

iphone 546

Anyhow, that’s about it for this post. Stay tuned for more posts throughout the weekend. Hope you have an awesome friday and remember – have fun!

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– Laters!