An Evening With The Ladies

No matter what you think about cars, or Porsches specifically, I’m pretty sure you’d get some sort of kick out of an afternoon like this.

H yoo

Given the fact that I’m actually equipped with a DSLR now, I thought that I should put it to soom good use and do a “photoshoot”. This was far from professional, but I gave it my best shot – I mean, I got to start somewhere, right?


My best idea off the bat was to contact three of my contacts who I knew had 911’s and trying to get them together for an afternoon to shoot the trio. They were in and all of a sudden, we had a date set. The plan was to meet up at the Statoil building and take it from there. We had some spots in mind where we thought we could get a few good shots.

First in line was the Barcode area and then the Opera House. The weather was perfect and I couldn’t wait to start freestyling behind my D5300.

azn flare

I was hooked right away. The feeling of setting up the cars for a specific shot, then trying out different angles and shooting modes was amazing. The first location couldn’t have been better.

911 display upper glow

It was at about this time I realized that we had three generations of 911’s. Funny coincidence that, as one of the guys had just switched out his 997 for the 991. It was at about this point I got the idea of actually writing an article-style post and what I wanted this page to evolve to in the long run.

Porsche rimshot

Even though we had three cars which seem more or less the same to anyone not that into cars, they felt quite special when they were gathered together.

H porsche

The 996 Turbo belonging to Roger, is as far away from stock as you can go for a Porsche. The whole car was redone by Techart, which resulted in just over 500 horsepower at the wheels of this little black-on-black baby, making it both fierce when it comes to looks and beastly on the track.

H 911

The 997 was also special. Not many people have original RUF wheels on their cars. It’s lowered on KW coilovers, giving it a really clean, stanced look overall. As far as I’m concerned, this was the best looking of the three that day.


What impressed me on the 991 was the color. Sadly, I didn’t get a good shot so that I could showcase it.

I tend to overlook Porsches when they drive about in the streets of Oslo. Mainly because there’s so many of them here. I think having these three right under my nose for a whole afternoon gave me a better picture as to why the 911’s are loved by so many, and why it is one of the best sold sportscars out there.

Porsche Stortinget

I was quite happy that we did some spirited driving in a convoy as well – the sounds coming out of these ladies were amazing.

H smoke

To round this up, I thought of coming back to what I said in the beginning of this article… I genuinely think most people would appreciate a day like this. Just driving around with like-minded people, enjoying some amazing cars in the sunset and ending up at a restaurant for a meal in good company.

911 vs 86

I am most definitely doing something like this again. The plan next time is to bring along a professional photographer who actually knows how to work a camera, and shoot as many Porsches as possible at the same time! I’d love to gather up to 10 cars and having a shoot.

Battle of the machines

First thought when it came to my own HoneyBadger after hearing these ladies sing was that I shall upgrade the cat-back so that it actually sounds like a sports car. No way I’m ready to tackle The Atlantic Roadtrip against a Carrera GT, a 700 horsepower F-150, an AMG and a tonne of other supercars with the sounds of my car as it sits there stock!




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