F**k Black Friday!


Although I’m not really into all of his hype around days such as Black Friday, not to mention all the hyping up before Christmas, I ended up spending a ton of cash today.

First of all, I was tired of using an old iPhone 5S, whch has a battery that only lasts about 2 hours, so I got myself a new phone. If that wasn’t enough I got a great idea of getting myself a GoPro…


Worst thing is that neither one of my purchases today were on sale.

I guess this Black Friday fever caught me. It subconciously made me want to go buy something. How mental is that? Congrats ‘Murica, I’m Westernized to the extent that I go on a shopping spree on that one day that’s made for shopping sprees, when I didn’t even really plan to do so.

Once again… FFFFFFfffffF#¤**!¤”@${€$IhewoiughAH!

2010-07-07 15.52.23-3

(^ hopefully next Black Friday I’ll be able to afford one of these bad boys)
I’m not really regreting my purchases though, it’s just the fact that I did so today, of all the possible days, I had to pick this one! I still can’t believe it. It probably had something to do with me hitting 1000 followers on my Instagram channel. Guess it was a bigger achievement than I thought it would be!

2015-11-27 21.19.41-2
^^ Phone

To tone it down a little, I have to say that I’m actually looking at both the phone and the GoPro as investments. The phone is going to save me TIME, because I won’t have to re-charge it every 2 hours (knock on wood), plus the camera is a lot better than on the 5S.

The GoPro is going to be used to make videos and vlogs for my YouTube channel, which isn’t going to be as serious as this blog. I realized that I mess up so much during my videos regardless, so hopefully I’ll be doing something more humorous as of now. Up until this point, I’ve been trying to stay cool, calm and collected and actually make decent videos, but I simply end up going off on tangents which I can’t really come back from.

Perhaps I have ADHD… who knows.

So the plan onwards is to do videos of me when I’m driving my car to and from places, hopefully touching on some supercar related stories.

Anyhow, I guess this it for now. Hopefully you enjoyed the read on your way home from a good night out on the town 😉 feel free to comment your thoughts on Black Friday!!!

Thanks for the read, make sure to stay up to date with my stream on Instagram and DROP A LIKE if you’ve enjoyed it 😉



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